The Power of Now

It is natural that time to time we look back and think about the past or worry about the future. Time is a very firm concept in our lives and practically everything we do happens within the framework of time. How much we sleep, at what time we eat, what we wear when, when we’re off work, when we are born, and when we are meant to die. In today’s world, time is even more important than before and there is never enough time to accomplish what we set out to do because there is simply just so much going on. In reality it’s a combination of time, space, and our existence. So what about the power of now? What about this very moment you are reading this text? Are you enjoying the new information you are gaining as you go, or are you already wondering about what the moral of the story is?


We often indulge in the past emotionally only to plan ahead, hoping for a better future without taking a step back to relax and see that in fact we are in a moment that we ought to cherish. We forget to live life in the present and live somewhere 10 years ahead with a great job, a great house, expensive wardrobe, fabulous career and whatever we may have on our lifetime to do list.

The power of now, a concept coined by Eckhart Trolle, is a spiritual philosophy seeking to enlighten our rigid perception of life. Tolle’s concept of the now is a complex term that revolves around the transformation of human consciousness with a focus on the ego, the subconscious, the present, the past, the world surrounding us, and of course the power of now. A simplified version of his message refers to the ability to practice inner peace and joy without being dependent on the external reality and the voice in our head judging us and controlling us. Only by acquiring inner peace are we able to truly be happy even if we are unhappy about what goes on in the external world. Thus, for instance if we accept the state we are in at the moment and we are in peace with ourselves but we are troubled, we are also able to change our external state of being more effectively as we are already in peace with ourselves, instead of acting out of anger and despair.

The concept is complex, but my interpretation of it helped me overcome obstacles in life and gave me more control of my own life per se. I used to be obsessed with my age, time, and how much I have accomplished. I always looked into the future where the grass was somehow always greener. The actual moment was just a transition into a better state of being and usually my goals were quite ambitious so I became disappointed every time I failed to accomplish whatever I set out to do. After I learned to relax, I have become more focused and became more goal-oriented, but also satisfied with my accomplishments. I learned that every moment that passed by was my life and I was responsible for my own happiness. I stopped getting disappointed for longer periods of time, and was instead thankful for the lessons I have learned in those moments. I have not yet learned to fully grasp the concept of constant inner peace, but I have definitely learned to rest and turn my ongoing analysis and assessment of ‘what should I have done differently, and where would I be if I did that’ mindset off.

The main lesson is that the moment we live in, is the actual life we are living. Life isn’t eternal and every single minute counts so there is no time to feel miserable. We can program our brains to understand that there are no failures, only lessons and accomplishments. If we work hard with a positive attitude, we are already successful and can only become more successful because we are enriched by memories, memories that we can only acquire if we live each moment in the ‘now’ as if it was our last one.

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