Entrepreneurial Innovation: one failure closer to success

Innovation is dirty work. It is chaotic. It is messy. It is scary. It is an unfair battle against fear that will bring you down to your knees over and over. It is an uphill marathon against human’s innate resistance to change and the only guarantee is that you will fall every step of the way.

As an innovator, If you are not failing you are not trying hard enough. You have to expose yourself to risk and make yourself vulnerable to failure. Losing more frequently than winning is the only chance of success. Trusting that you will be strong enough to stand up after your biggest falls is the key to self-confidence. Like a muscle that grows by exercising it to failure, confidence grows stronger after gracefully enduring failure. Each failure will make you stronger, more nimble, smarter and without a doubt get you one failure closer to success.

As you have heard on countless occasions, “it takes an entire life to become an overnight success” and “you have to be at the right place at the right time”. You will be at the wrong place most of the time therefore you have to have your plan ready to go as the window of opportunity will close a lot faster than it opened. Get in tune with your inner self. Follow your intuition. Trust your gut. Walk into the ring with confidence, give it your best and get up after each fall. If you get knocked down early in the round, pick yourself up, shake it off and soon enough you will connecting good clean jabs. You will win by consistently scoring and not necessarily with a crunching uppercut knocked out punch.

An important distinction is that unlike boxing, innovation is a team contact sport. In the early developmental stages of humanity, loners typically made the greatest contributions. Times where individual efforts were enough to change the “status quo” are gone. We have achieved a level of progress that makes it almost impossible for a single individual to truly innovate therefore team collaboration is paramount to success. As a leader your determination, valor, fortitude and competitive spirit will have to inspire others to commit to your risky venture. Entrepreneurial innovation requires a level of fearless courage that is only achieved through experience. Experience only comes with action. Action only comes with motion. Start today. Start right now by reviewing some popular RSW posts that will surely kick start your momentum.

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