Pledge to a Fulfilling Destiny

The past has been filled with character strengthening challenges that cemented the sturdy stepping stone to leapfrog into a journey to promote our full potential.  As so, we let go of yesterday and become receptive, open minded and crave with all our might that wonderful new opportunities arise.   I know that the universe will steer us into paths that will employ our talents and quench our burning desire to make a difference in this world. Today, all is well and our world is filled with health and joy. We declare ourselves prepared and as soon as the universe is ready, God will empower us to carry out his “Will” in ways that will exploit our infinite abilities to their greatest potential while expressing our creativity in ways that are fulfilling to us and our family. We will do so surrounded with people that we love and that in turn appreciate and respect our individuality.  I trust that we will make home in a place favorable for the Universe to carry out our God given destiny in freedom, health, wealth, love, peace and surrounded by others with a similar positive purpose in this life.

5 Tips for the Aspiring Entrepreneur

“Live an interesting life. Meet people. Read a lot and widely, learn from the great writers” is the number one tip from renowned author Michael Morpurgo in a “top writing tips” post at the theguardian website. I stumbled upon this post and was mesmerized by how relevant these tips are beyond the page. At the core of their existence, true entrepreneurs exist to plot the course of an interesting life. A remarkable life is meaningless if not shared to empower others to stand in the shoulders of the inspired. For the entrepreneur, networking is not only the means but the end to perpetuate the cycle of creativity. Continue reading

RSW Entrepreneur Pledge

In our previous RSW post “25 Tips and Techniques to Promote Creativity” we described how we “must believe that creativity should also be your most developed talent”. We are all born predisposed to “believe”. In our early years we believe in Santa Clause, the tooth fairy, real magic and as we grow our belief system evolves. As adults we believe in core values like happiness, love, honor, respect, family, integrity, social responsibility and philanthropy among many others. Americans believe in their nation, their flag, liberty and justice among others. Christians believe in God’s kingdom, the savior, the Gospel and the Holy Spirit at the core of their faith. Continue reading

In the art of getting things done, brush strokes are as important as the voids left undone

Thanks to technology advances we live in a chaotic world. I cannot imagine our early ancestors, spear in hand stalking their prey while their Apple Siri keeps asking “I am sorry, did you say – be quiet, Plateosaurus up in that tree?” In our previous RSW post “An Introduction of Modern Meditation Techniques for Contemporary Multi-tasking Junkies – Part 1” we discussed how technology virtuosos, marketing guru’s and multi-billion companies have created a world with so many distractions, interactivity, visual stimulation and information overflow that would turn even the most laser focused nerds into textbook mental patients craving for the latest magic pill – wait that is also part of the underground conspiracy to keep us “infini-tasking” to feed dopamine into our instant gratification addicted brains but let’s not get sidetracked to prove a point. Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Innovation: not all failures lead to success

On the previous RSW posts “If you are not failing you are not trying enough” and “Entrepreneurial Innovation: one failure closer to success“, we explored the concept of continuous failure as the stepping stones to success.

Now before we embark ourselves in a failure rampage let’s explore ten (10) foolish mistakes that will derail us from the road to success: Continue reading


by Sirisha Govender

My experience with various groups of learners over the years, has brought me to the realization that human nature, by no deliberate fault of the human, is such that we don’t allow ourselves to embrace the positive. We are therefore directly responsible for our situations and circumstance. I fully understand the fact that this may be a difficult pill to swallow, however as we are in the business of problem solving, let’s consider this view objectively. Continue reading

The Power of Now

It is natural that time to time we look back and think about the past or worry about the future. Time is a very firm concept in our lives and practically everything we do happens within the framework of time. How much we sleep, at what time we eat, what we wear when, when we’re off work, when we are born, and when we are meant to die. In today’s world, time is even more important than before and there is never enough time to accomplish what we set out to do because there is simply just so much going on. In reality it’s a combination of time, space, and our existence. So what about the power of now? What about this very moment you are reading this text? Are you enjoying the new information you are gaining as you go, or are you already wondering about what the moral of the story is? Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Innovation: one failure closer to success

Innovation is dirty work. It is chaotic. It is messy. It is scary. It is an unfair battle against fear that will bring you down to your knees over and over. It is an uphill marathon against human’s innate resistance to change and the only guarantee is that you will fall every step of the way.

As an innovator, If you are not failing you are not trying hard enough. You have to expose yourself to risk and make yourself vulnerable to failure. Losing more frequently than winning is the only chance of success. Trusting that you will be strong enough to stand up after your biggest falls is the key to self-confidence. Like a muscle that grows by exercising it to failure, confidence grows stronger after gracefully enduring failure. Each failure will make you stronger, more nimble, smarter and without a doubt get you one failure closer to success. Continue reading